We love coffee and cake

Home-baked goods are life, and not only that, but the girls in the kitchen do wonders and make every little cake with finesse. We love baking with butter, cream, and flour, but of course, we also have gluten-free options and most of the time something vegan. You can enjoy fika every day of the week from when we open until we close

Eat at the railway hotel

Eating at Sonjas is meant to be a real pleasure. You should be able to enjoy both the food and the environment. We serve lunch every day of the week, and something truly incredible about our restaurant is that the meat comes from our own farm just a few kilometers from Sonjas. We buy the fish from our friends at Björkängs Fisk, who have been fishermen for generations and are also best friends with Claes, who is the farmer himself and co-owner of Sonjas

Shop & Miscellaneous

We've all probably dreamed of stepping into the shop where Pippi Longstocking bought her Christmas present or into Pippi's candy store. We've handpicked a range of items that will make you happy both in your soul and your stomach. Here, you might find a nice piece of clothing for yourself, something tasty to eat, or a lovely gift for someone you care about