The house was built in 1889 and was originally a railway hotel. The railway passed through Tvååker until 1992. The railway hotel was in operation from 1889 to 1910. After that, they moved to the Hostelry in Tvååker. In 1919, Oscar Svensson bought the house. Oscar traded in agricultural machinery. The shop where it is located today has always been a retail space and has been rented out to many different entrepreneurs. There have been clothing stores, shoe stores, cafes, pharmacy outlets, radio stores, video rentals and aquarium stores here. Claes and Marina, who run Sonjas today, had the opportunity to buy the house in 2020 from Oscar Svensson's relatives, who inherited the house from Sonja Svensson (Oscar Svensson's daughter), who lived in the house from her birth until her death in 2018. Sonjas opened its doors on November 5, 2022. The parking lot today is also called Oscar Svensson's square.